VMOON is a tiny tech company focusing on cutting edge technologies such as telecommunication, cloud computing and machine learning.


We're modern magicians. We bring magic to your world.

Our full-stack experts provide state-of-the-art solution on different tech aspects, meeting your real world needs and elegantly solving your difficult puzzle,
as " Magic is always fluxing and shining...

Cloud computing solution
Our experts build our own in-house VE solutions with over ten years of experience and skills in the virtualization server industry, serving affordable, reliable and flexiable servers all for boosting your requirements.
Technology research and consulting
Specialized-purpose hardware/software development, tech consulting and research on various aspects such as cyber security, deep learning, robotic embedded systems, etc.
Telecom and network
Like drawing magic circles, we design and build telecommunication networks from cable to laser, from Autonomous System (BGP) to GSM/LTE cellular systems.